Writing Excerpts

‘From My Grandmother’s Grandmother Unto Me’

I am from the very best part of America, The Southern Appalachian Mountains.  Now, you might be surprised to hear me put it in quite those terms.  Everybody feels sorry for the poor mountaineer.  But, ours is not a poverty of ideas, and certainly not a poverty of culture.  Appalachia is a storied land.  It is filled with people who merely have to close their eyes and hear once again in their heads the sound of the human voice rising and falling on the night air.


‘The Mythology of Basketball’

In my opinion, the best thing about basketball camp was we got to eat at the cafeteria in the junior college and they had good French fries.  And, when Allen drove us home we got to listen to the rock ‘n’ roll station outta Chattanooga, Tennessee KZ106, and that summer they played the song, “I’m not in love” by 10CC.  I loved that song.


‘Jeannie’s Eulogy’

Clarinda delivered this Eulogy in Los Angeles at the funeral of Jeannie Cheung. Jeannie was 57 years old, a marathon runner, mother of two grown daughters, a non-smoker and an inspiration to many. She lost her battle with lung cancer on February 7th, 2008.


‘Spit Like a Big Girl’

Have you ever heard that saying? "Life is what happens on the way to where you're going." Well, I really believe it's true. Life is made up of those tiny moments in between the big plans and the dreams. Big things in life make us stop and notice the tiny moments. I think it takes a few births, deaths, car wrecks, or natural disasters, before we're even paying attention. Life will just sneak up behind you and sit down at your kitchen table while you’re fixin' supper.


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