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‘From My Grandmother’s Grandmother Unto Me’

Reviews for 'Grandmother'

“Ross is a master storyteller, and part of a vigorous revitalization of that art form.” -LA. Weekly (Critic’s Choice Award) “She has worked with director David Thomas to capture the essence of each character in simple soulful strokes.” -Drama-Logue (Drama-Logue Award: Best Actress) “Ross’ affectionate solo show chronicles five generations of family history, an increasing rarity in this city of reinvented identities.. .assured guidance from director, David T. Thomas.” -Los Angeles Times “...a celebration of southern heritage." "...a simple story, beautifully told.” -Atlanta Journal Constitution “...a theatrical treat." "...a tour-de-force.” -Charleston News and Courier “ a treasured heirloom passed down from generation to generation, this poignant monologue finds its way into our hearts.... Ross’ own character, her captivating voice resonates with truth and sensitivity to the human condition.” -Backstage West “Ross molds each character with loving care, treating them all with respect and dignity.. .the audience loved every minute!” -Charleston Evening Post “...brilliantly brings women from another time to life.” -Chattanooga News/Free Press “With only a pair of wire-frame glasses, an apron, and an old straw hat, she became the women who had preceded her in her life. I only wish I could remember my grandmother with this actress’ clarity.” -The Orlando Sentinel "This is the story of America itself, in it's transition from Indians and the wilderness frontier to an industrialized land where economic opportunity and foreign wars began to tear families apart for the first time and change the traditional roles of women." - Steve Fesenmair - Appalachian Film Expert and Critic - WVLC, Charleston, W. VA
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